Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just to Let You Know

The first thing I want to tell you as you start to read this is that I'm feeling fine and doing well. I'm home recuperating from surgery I had last Monday, November tenth, to remove a cyst on my liver. (Those of you who actually know me, please don't freak out.) I was going to wait until I was completely back to normal and just get back into writing - to avoid being a drama queen - but a few of you have written to see if I'm well since you haven't heard from me for two months.

So the answer is after I very reluctantly went to the E.R. with abdominal pain the end of August, I had a bunch of tests to figure out what what wrong, and then when that was figured out, what to do about it. I also stayed very busy at work so I could get caught up enough that I wouldn't worry while I stayed home to rest and get better.

The bottom line is I'm doing very well - even better than I had dared to hope. With Obama being elected and my surgery being successful, I would have to say it's been a great two weeks.

I do have things I have cooked that I haven't had a chance to tell you about, but, to be honest. I was enough off my feed the past few days that writing about food was just not at the top of my list. I plan to start posting once a week again starting next week. I'm sticking with Zuni; I hope you'll stick with me.


Natashya said...

Take care of yourself, the world can wait. Glad to hear that your spirits are high.

hanne said...

Oh, wow, I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I hope your recovery is swift!

p.s. I'm excited to see what you're cooking next!

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like you're recovering well - take care. We'll be here when you're back :)

MichaelG said...

Get well fast! But don't rush it. Looking forward to your return.

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